Automatic Alarm Device.

Issue 11 and Volume 1893 13.

Automatic Alarm Device. A clever automatic alarm device for pipes, which has been patented by George W. Schilling and John G. Haslam of Philadelphia, is described as follows: This invention is designed to sound an alarm by the movement of the swinging gate of a swinging check valve in the main pipe, which fails to make contact on the opening of a single sprinkler in an automatic fire sprinkler system of moderate size, instead of making an electrical contact as at present. By reason of this motion, which is scarcely perceptible in a valve of five or six inches diameter, the gate of which will scarcely move from its seat to allow a flow of water that will feed a half-inch pipe, which is the size of one of the sprinklers. “To overcome this, a one-quarter-inch pipe is carried around the valve in the main pipe, in which is placed…

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