Fire Departments of the World.

Issue 11 and Volume 1893 13.

Fire Departments of the World. Though we live in an age of cities, few persons have much knowledge of them except their names. This is especially true of the cities of the Old World. The State Department has just published a volume of reports prepared by our consuls. which not only gives the building regulations of many foreign cities but presents the facilities they possess for extinguishing fires. Some of this information relating to the more important cities of Europe and Asia is here given. Vienna has 800,000 people and 13,841 buildings. These structures are almost wholly of stone and brick, there being only 1200 one-story frame houses, mostly gardeners’ lodges. During the year 1891 there was no case where a fire extended beyond the building in which it originated. The city has only five steam fire engines but has many hand engines. The water supply is ample and electric…

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