Effect of an Earthquake on a Railway.

Issue 11 and Volume 1893 13.

Effect of an Earthquake on a Railway. A very severe shock of earthquake was felt at Chaman, India, on the morning of December 20 about 5:45 a. m., lasting for fully a minute, causing the bungalows to rock like a ship in a storm, pictures and loose ornaments being smashed, and every thing turned upside down. The walls of the buildings in the station are more or less damaged, and the inhabitants received a very severe fright, the natives shrieking loudly. Several station buildings suffered much, the chimneys being knocked off and all the walls cracked. At Shelabagh some of the buildings are completely wrecked ; the line between Chaman and Killa Abdulla suffered severely. At mile post 643, between Chaman and Survab, both tracks were completely wrecked for over 600 yards and the rails contorted into all shapes and forms.

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