Fireproof Construction.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

Fireproof Construction. The meeting of the Society of Arts at the Boston Institute of Technology was presided over by Colonel E. H. Hewins, and was of special interest owing to the address delivered by N. Poulson of New York on the subject of fireproof construction. The lecture showed that the methods used by the visitor from New York were quite original in their design and artistic in the method of application. His lecture was substantially as follows : MR. CHAIRMAN AND GENTLEMEN : The object of this mode of fireproof construction here shown is to build more economically than is now done. In the present construction, with columns, girders, beams, arches, etc., there is a great waste of material, which cannot be avoided. In the arch construction here shown there need not be any waste material, and the material used is used to a better advantage. The construction is as…

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