Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

WELL DRILLING NOTES. The Lonsdale Company has of late been engaged in sinking artesian wells in Londsdale, R. I. The work has been done by Mr. Barker of Providence, and at the present time he has succeeded in successfully sinking thirty-eight wells. The water, which is of an excellent quality, comes in great quantity. State Surveyor H. J. Wallace, with several assistants, has been surveying and locating routes for the overflow that will come with the putting down of an artesian well in Alpina, S. D. The well will be sunk by the Alpena Mill Company, and will cost when completed about $12,000. The artesian well on the property of G. M. Hard, Nyack, N. Y., is completed. It is 182 feet deep and the water is pumped by gas power. An artesian well is being bored at Pleasantville, N. J., to supply the town with water. The Pierce Artesian…

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