Terrific Explosion and Fire.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

Terrific Explosion and Fire. At an early hour Tuesday fire broke out in the big Keeler flouring mill located in the southern part of Litchfield, Ill. The flames spread with such rapidity that within twenty minutes the whole plant was doomed. While the firemen and employees were fighting the flames John Cowie, head millwright, whose home is at Waterloo, N. Y., entered the building to secure his tools. A moment later a terrific explosion took place, and the large structure was blown to fragments and Cowie was thrown against the smokestack and burned to death. Several firemen and mill hands were seriously injured and several citizens hurt by flying debris. The explosion, which is supposed to have been caused by flour dust, wrecked nearly every building in the city, besides breaking windows in many adjoining towns. The shock was also felt in Decatur, which is fifty miles distant. The mill,…

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