Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

SEWERAGE. NEW SEWERAGRE SYSTEMS AND EXTENSIONS. Woonsocket, R. I., system, W. C. Mason. Whitesboro, N, Y., system, G. A. Kirkland. Rome, N. Y., system, K. S. Putnam. Philadelphia, Pa., extensions, E. S. Stewart. St. Louis, Mo., extensions, E. A. Noonan. Cleveland, O., extensions, H. H. Burgess. Montgomery. Ala., extensions, R. B. Snodgrass. Eureka, Cal., extensions, James Keltcher. Caro, Mich., system, Grant Slocum. Auburn, N. Y., extensions, K. J. Carson. Auburn, Cal., system, H. W. Curtis. Brockton, Mass., system, D. W. Packard. Lenox, Mass., system, J, J. Newton. Nashville, Tenn., extensions, K. E. Kuhn. Wauwatosa, Wis., system, town clerk. Skowhegan, Me., system, George S. Webb. Worcester, Mass., extensions, E. H. Towne. Pittsfield, Mass., extensions, K. B. Miller. Santa Ee, N. M., system. President R. E. Carr. Beverly, Mass., extensions, W. II. Lovett. Medford, Mass., extensions, R. Litchfield. Fort Worth, l ex., system, II. V. Burns. W’iltnington, Del., extensions, A. F. Messick.…

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