Bogert’s Improved Set-Over Turret Machine.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

Bogert’s Improved Set-Over Turret Machine. In these days of intense industrial struggle and competition, problem of cost reduction is constantly confronting the manager in any manufacturing industry demanding solution or of profits. What was a cheap enough process yesterday become too expensive to-day. Old machinery, like old methods and ideas, must give place to new. In the machine now we avoid all unnecessary delay in substituting one tool for another, even operating on two or more surof the same piece at the same time. The turret machine the milling machine in one form or another, are peculiarly machine shop tools of this day and generation. The turret machine is essentially a magazine tool post, and has for a long controlled the manufacture of most finished articles of size. Of late the tendency has been to extend the of its application wherever practicable. The brass was quick to appreciate the advantages…

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