Latest Fire and Water Patents.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

Latest Fire and Water Patents. (Retorted expressly for FIRE AND WATER.) Pneumatic alarm device, S. P. Hasey, New York, N. Y.; hydraulic elevating mechanism, T. F. Rowland, New York, N. Y.; fire escape, D. Beck and R. W. Levitt, McLuney, O.; fire escape, V. H. Felt, Kendall, N. Y.; fire escape, T. W. B. Murray and T. G. Scott, Chicago, Ill.; fire escape, C. A. Sturtevant, Plainfield, N. J.; fireproof floor, C. F. Terney, New York, N. Y.; hose coupling, E. L. Townsend, Los Angeles, Cal.; water motor, J. Toohey, Kansas City, Kan.; water-wheel, S. L. Berry, San Francisco, Cal.

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