For Idle Moments.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

For Idle Moments. Wine clarifiers in France use more than 80,000,000 eggs a year. The Fans are the only people in equatorial Africa who have a currency and they are strong monometalists. The money is of iron, wrought into pieces resembling rusty hairpins with flat heads. They are put up in bundles of ten, and 100 bundles is the market price of a wife. It is said that a child in Japan is taught to write with either hand. Neil Bryant, one of the once famous troupe of minstrels, is a government clerk at Washington. In this minstrel company was Dan Emmett, who composed “ Dixie,” so dear to the heart of the Southerner. He is still alive and was in Chicago not long since. Six hundred telephones will be in use on the World’s Fair grounds. The first coins made in this country were in Mexico in the mint…

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