An Expensive Error.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

An Expensive Error. A common rat was the cause of a $15,000 fire in our neighboring town, Tipton, Ind., one day recently. The rat was taking his morning inventory of the engine room of the mill, and being noticed by the engineer, was the target for a well meant but badly aimed club, which missed the rat and struck a highpressure gas pipe, breaking it and filling the room at once with gas. Shutting off the furnace fires, the engineer sought the shut-off just outside the mill, but before that was reached a tremendous explosion occurred hurling the engine house into the air, followed by a rush of flame that instantly enveloped the mill. Having no fire protection worth mentioning the mill was destroyed with several thousand bushels of wheat. Unnecessary to say the rat escaped. Tipton has been talking water-works for a long time, but has now concluded to…

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