The Edson Pressure Recording Gauge.

Issue 12 and Volume 1893 13.

The Edson Pressure Recording Gauge. Jarvis B. Edson cf 87 Liberty street. New York, the sole manufacturer of the well-known pressure-recording gauges bearing his name, and which are so extensively used by the leading water-works in this country, Canaria and abroad, has just received an order for one of his latest and most improved styles of pressure-recorders from the Superior Water, Light and Power Company, West Superior, Wis., this making their fifth order. This company, like many more water-works companies, have their Edson recorders attached to their steam boilers as well as on their water mains, feeling that a record of their steam pressure is quite as essential as a record of the pressure on their water mains. From the general adoption of these valuable instruments, which have been the recognized standard in their particular line for the last twenty years, and in general use all over the world, it…

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