Issue 13 and Volume 1893 13.

WATER-SUPPLY ITEMS. NEW WATER-WORKS SYSTEMS AND IMPROVEMENTS. West New Castle. Pa., water-works, J. W. Taylor. Bristol, Pa., reservoir, Superintendent A. K. Joyce. Melrose, Mass., water-works, Superintendent J. W. Riley. New Wilmington, Pa., water-works, Civil Engineer Gilkey, New Castle, Pa. Bristol, R. I., water-works City Clerk H. F. Bennett. Fowler, Ind., water-works. Frank Ader. Fayetteville, Tenn., water-works, town clerk. Providence, R. I., testing filters, Robert E. Smith. Coatesville, Pa., improvements, Superintendent L. II. Humphrey. Buchanan, Mich., water-works, Frank Treat, town clerk. Rock Valley, la., water-works, town clerk. Highland Park, Ill., water-works, Superintendent A. Scott. Albina, Ore., laying pipe lines, Superintendent G. W. Bates. Bradford, Pa., improvements, Superintendent S. D. Heffner. Newport, Me., water-works, C. H. Morrill, town clerk. Ramapo, N. Y., water-works, Chief Engineer G. B. Pierson. Albany, N. Y., improvements, G. W. Carpenter, superintendent. Mansfield, Pa., water-works, B. J. Casely, town clerk. North Andover, Mass., water-works, I. F. Osgood, town…

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