Chicopee’s Water Muddle.

Issue 13 and Volume 1893 13.

Chicopee’s Water Muddle. (Communicated) The city council on Monday night used its first opportunity of considering the water question, to refuse the offer of Springfield to furnish a supply and to take the first steps toward the immediate establishment of a plant of its own. The city solicitor and water commissioners were on hand to explain everything, but the members came all primed to vote and made quick work of it. The proposition from Springfield, which required a two-thirds majority in both boards and a majority of the votes of the citizens, was killed by six votes to one in the upper board, the only one to utter a groan being Alderman Woodward, the stiff supporter of the plan to buy from the city. Immediately after came the announcement that the water com. missioners had voted to establish a system for the use of the Morton and Cooley brooks and…

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