Issue 14 and Volume 1893 13.

WATER-SUPPLY ITEMS. NEW WATER-WORKS SYSTEMS AND IMPROVEMENTS. Sioux City, Ia., extensions, P. Carlin. Kearney, Neb., extensions, J. B. Ellis. Stephenville, Tex., extensions, town clerk. Philadelphia, Pa., extensions, F. L. Hand. Lincoln, Neb., extensions, T. L. Lyman. Spokane, Wash., system, G. G. Smith. Martinsville, Va., system, town clerk. New Britain, Conn., extensions, C. H. Beaton. Ukiah, Cal., system, H. Morris. Chicopee, Mass., system, E. Gaylord. Columbus. Ga., extensions, M. IL Tuggle. Tremont, Me., system, town clerk. South Milwaukee, Wis., extensions, H. Betizenberg. Washington, D. C., extensions. W. G. Fearing. Ottawa. Can., extensions; R. Surtees. Neuman, Ga., system, Mayor. Webster. Mass., system, T. K. Bates. Rockport, Mass., system, C. W. Pool. Chicago, Ill., extensions, A. W. Cook. Baltimore, Md., extensions, R. K. Martin. West Lebanon, Pa., system, town clerk. Spencer, Mass., improvements. Dexter Bullard. Indianapolis, Ind., extensions, F. A. W. Davis. Sioux City, la., extensions, Philip Carlin. Creighton, Neb., system, town clerk.…

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