Indianapolis Water-Works.

Issue 15 and Volume 1893 13.

Indianapolis Water-Works. (Communicated.) The fire protection of Indianapolis, Ind., is wholly dependent upon the efficiency of the water-works system. The Indianapolis Water Company has as its officers Thomas A. Morris, president; F. A. W. Davis, vice-president and treasurer, and W. A. Morris, secretary. The amount of money invested in this plant from its beginning, a third’of a century ago, is over two and a quarter million dollars. There are two pumping stations, one on the arm of the canal, south of Washington street and next to the river. This is called the lower station. The other is on Indiana avenue, beyond Fall creek, where a large water gallery has been constructed. At the upper station the daily capacity of the double pump (built by the Holly company and called the Gaskill compound condensing engine) is 15,000 000 gallons in twenty-four hours, but it can be driven to 17.000,000 gallons. The…

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