The London Water Experts.

Issue 15 and Volume 1893 13.

The London Water Experts. The London Lancet sent commissioners to Chicago to examine and report the condition of the water supply, also the sanitary features of the city. The object being to inform British visitors to the Columbian Exposition the actual state of affairs. If the Columbian Exposition at Chicago accomplished nothing more than creating a sentiment among the people which will eventually lead to substantial sanitation it will pay. The report states that all of the water examined taken from the Chicago river shows appalling pollution, occasioned by animalrefuse mixed with sewage. It commences at the mouth of the river and it increases until the maximum is reached in the vicinity of the stock yards. At certain points the condition of the river is claimed to be worse than crude sewage. Our London investigators doubtless know how it is themselves,” especially when the Thames river is used to make…

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