Louisville (Ky.) Fire Notes.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

Louisville (Ky.) Fire Notes. (From Our Regular Correspondent.) Eighteen alarms within the past two weeks, two second and two third alarms ; loss fully $300,000. An alarm from box 315 Wednesday afternoon, quickly followed by a second and third alarm, called the entire department to a fire in one of the warehouses of the Allen-Bradley Distilling Company. One of the employees while handling a barrel of whisky let it fall, and breaking, the contents ignited from a lantern that was on the floor near by. By the time engines arrived and had on water, the entire lower section of the warehouse was on fire. The iron shutters were closed, and the only hope of saving it was to deluge it with water and smother it out. At the time of the fire there were 27,000 barrels of whisky stored in the warehouse. The boys made a hard fight, but it…

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