Depositing Ashes in New York.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

Depositing Ashes in New York. During a recent cold snap the Victoria (B. C.) Fire Department was very busy. Alarm after alarm kept ringing in for burning ash barrels, chimney fires, blazing conservatories and crossed electric wires. After an alarm, the chief discovered a pile of ashes at the back of a business block. In a moment the chief entered the nearest door and discovered a man working at a forge. Is that your pile of ashes outside ?” said the chief. “ No, sir,” replied the man. ” Will you kindly show me where you deposit your ashes ?” queried the chief. “We deposit our ashes in New York,” answered the workman. “Now, look here, young fellow,” said the chief, “ I asked you a civil question and I want a civil answer.” The workman replied : “I answered you once.” “All right,” said the chief, “I will summon…

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