A Water Tower in Armour’s.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

A Water Tower in Armour’s. What do you think of a private business firm giving an order for a big Hale water tower, to be put into their own fire service? Yet the Armour Packing Company of Kansas City has ordered a 55-foot Hale water tower to be added to their private fire department. Seems strange, doesn’t it ? Many of the larger city fire departments are as yet unprovided with this most splendid product of modern scientific fire apparatus. The water tower is positively the only practical and successful appliance to combat fires in the upper stories of tall buildings, even as the elevator is the proper and practical contrivance to afford rapid and tireless access to these upper floors, and thus virtually bring them on a level with ground floors, time and muscle considered. The water tower is the fireman’s sure, quick and automatic water elevator. It solves…

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