Mr. Pope’s School of Instruction.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

Mr. Pope’s School of Instruction. To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER : I notice that Albert A. Pope of Boston has addressed a circular to the Mayors of the different cities, requesting their opinions as to the feasibility of establishing schools for the education of firemen. Does Mr. Pope know that many of the larger cities are hard at work at that very business? Why does Mr. Pope address the Mayors; why not the old chiefs of many of the cities who have made the putting out of fires almost a life study? He says Boston would be a good place for such a school, owing to its many fires. If so, why is it that the very department that he complains of has had the greater education, and yet, in the estimation of Mr. Pope, has learned nothing? Does he think the putting out of fires is as…

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