Foxborough (Mass.) Water-Works.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

Foxborough (Mass.) Water-Works. The accompanying illustration shows the plan of the waterworks system of Foxborough, Mass., recently constructed by Frank L. Fuller, C. E., Boston. The following particulars of the works are taken from his report to the commissioners : Surveys were begun in December, 1889, for the purpose of ascertaining the best source of supply, the proper location of a pumping station and stand-pipe, the length and size of pipe required, number of hydrants required and their location. Accurate levels were also taken on every street to determine what the water pressure would be, in order that the weights of the cast-iron pipes might be properly proportioned to withstand the strain to which they would be subjected. During the early part of January, 1890, five test wells were driven in the neighborhood of the “ Fales spring,” so called, which is located southeast of the Neponset reservoir, and about…

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