Spring Water in Paris.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

Spring Water in Paris. Paris has a new supply of spring water, says a correspondent. The city is the owner of the springs and aqueducts and reservoirs which are on the hill of Montretout, in the Pare of Saint Cloud. The water comes from the source of the river Avre in the department of the Eure-et-Loire and from the source of the Verneuil, one of its affluents in the department of the Eure. The river heads are unpolluted, and it is expected will bring up the supply of spring water in Baris to the high average of 240 litres for each inhabitant. The London averages are from 140 to 160 litres, those of Berlin from sixtyfive to seventy, and those of the Dutch cities from sixty-five to eighty. The new reservoirs can supply the highest houses in the most elevated districts. The greater part of the way the water is…

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