Celestials as Firemen.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

Celestials as Firemen. John Chinaman makes a good fireman, says Chambers’s Journal. He performs his duties with machine-like precision, and is obedient to a degree that is servile. It is doubtless quality of abject submission to the commands of his superiors that makes him such a favorite with marine engineers. Though less turbulent, he is less resourceful and plucky than British firemen, and men who know how to rule would rather have English firemen. The Chinese give a minimum of trouble. The head man is first engaged, and he biings along with him his own staff, so that European engineers have that worry taken off their hands. But the Chinaman has practically no individuality. A British vessel trading for fifteen months in Chinese waters had a full complement of Chinese firemen. At the commencement of the voyage the names w’ere entered on the ship’s books. At the end of the…

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