Latest Fire and Water Patents.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

Latest Fire and Water Patents. The following list of patents, granted this week, is expressly reported for FIRE AND WATER by Frederic B. Keefer Solicitor of United States and foreign patents, Atlantic building, Washington, D. C., from whom copies may be obtained at 25 cents each: Hydraulic excavator, A. Fairchild, New York ; fire escape, J. Martin, Galveston, Tex. ; projectile for fire escapes, J. Martin, Galveston, Tex. ; fireproof floor, H. Graham, New York ; hose coupling, A. W. Jackson, Chicago, Ill, ; hosereel, Pi. M. Birdsall, Buffalo, N. Y. ; hydrant, A. Scheid, Harrison, N. J. ; water-wheel. J. B. Ixickwood, Halmville, Mont. ; treating sewage, J. J. Powers, Brooklyn, N, Y.

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