A Horror in Milwaukee.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

A Horror in Milwaukee. Our Milwaukee correspondent writes as follows under date of April 20 : Fourteen workmen lost their lives to-day in the fierce storm which lashed Lake Michigan. They were employed in the construction of the new water-works intake tunnel, being engaged in bricking up a shaft in the cut 3000 feet from the shore. The hurricane swept away the frail structure which had been built upon the top of the cut to shelter the men, and dashed them into the seething lake. Through the heroic efforts of the life-saving crew James Miller was saved. He is the only man who escaped with his life. The work on the cut was in charge of Shaller & Schniglon, Chicago contractors, whose loss will be about $to,ooo. Work upon the tunnel will he delayed for several months. A terrible sea had been raging all day. Last night the swell increased…

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