A New Fire Extinguisher.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

A New Fire Extinguisher. Recently in Chattanooga, Colin Dugger exhibited an invention, called “ a fire extinguisher attachment for elevator shafts and stairways.” The invention is nothing more or less than an inch water pipe, which is placed on and between each story and fitted around the elevator shaft. These tiers of pipe are furnished with small apertures from which are thrown innumerable fan-like jets, forming several solid sheets of water, through which no smoke or flame can pass. This arrangement is connected with a large upright pipe, which feeds the smaller pipes, the whole being, of course, connected with the main. On the lower floor, where the connection is made, is a lever, supported by a wire, which fuses away when subjected to anything above the normal temperature, thus dropping the lever and flooding the elevator shaft or stairway, as the case may be. The water may be turned…

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