An Underground Water Supply.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

An Underground Water Supply. A correspondent writing from Gainesville, Tex., says one of the most remarkable systems of water supply in the world, is to be found in that city. About a mile north of the city is a valley 1000 feet wide, which surveyors determined to be the location of an underground stream, though the valley itself was dry and under cultivation. It was suggested that wells might tap this stream and give the city a pure supply of water. The city engineer, a young man from the East, suggested that, in lieu of a reservoir, the hidden stream be dammed, when there would at all times be an inexhaustible supply. He was derided, but, firm in the belief that his theory was right, he obtained an appropriation for an experimental well. Sinking a large one in the centre of the valley, he struck living water at the depth…

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