How Some Fires Originate.

Issue 17 and Volume 1893 13.

How Some Fires Originate. A list of unusual and curiously caused fires has been compiled, and The Railway Beview mentions some of the number. It includes a factory fire which was traced to a railway truck, an over-heated axle having thrown a car from the track and set fire to the petroleum tank, from which the flames spread to the building. An instance is given in which a bucket of greasy waste was ignited by the friction of a belt which sagged against it. In a harmless case of spontaneous ignition of oily waste, this material, with some w-ood chips, had been thrown into the fire box of an idle locomotive, shortly after which the workmen were surprised by the blow ing off of steam by the engine. Another fire was due to oily waste, in a manner which conkl not well be foreseen. Only heavy mineral oils were used,…

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