The Innocent at the Fire Brigade’s Meeting.

Issue 20 and Volume 1893 13.

The Innocent at the Fire Brigade’s Meeting. Our London contemporary, Funny Folk, regales its readers with the following about what an innocent wants to know: Is it with (h)o(se)ceans of water that firemen extinguish conflagrations? Are the Tern Cocks at the Zoo kept there for fear of a fire breaking out? When fires Break Out why do people try to stop them, Instead of letting them get away ? Are there any grounds for Apprehension when a conflagration’s Arrested ? Is it out of regard to the fitness of things that an engine tears off to a conflagration like a house afire ? Does it hurt the feelings of a fireman to be told to Go to Blazes ? Do firemen always manage to Keep Cool in the Heat of the conflagration ? Is fire called the Devouring element because of the way it (h)eats everything up ? When escapes…

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