New Type of Water-Works Engine

Issue 20 and Volume 1893 13.

New Type of Water-Works Engine The Quintard Iron Works, foot of East Twelfth street, New York, are constructing for the Boston water-works, a high-duty pumping engine, that is in some respects new to this country. The engine was designed by E. D. Leavitt, the well-known mechanical engineer of Boston, and its chief peculiarity is the Riedler valve gear, operating the pump valves, and permitting a speed of fifty revolutions a minute. In consequence of the shape of the building in which the engine is to be placed, the pump plungers are made to work at an angle, although the steam cylinders are vertical. All the parts of the engine arc of the heaviest and most substantial material, and all the workmanship of the highest order. It will be put together to last as long as the city of Boston, as the builders express it. The required capacity is 20,000,000 gallons…

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