Cement and Iron Pipes.

Issue 22 and Volume 1893 13.

Cement and Iron Pipes. In a recent number of The Genie Civil a description is given of the application of cement to the construction of pipes on the Bordenane system by sidero-cement. The general principle consists of embedding a framework of iron bars in cement mortar. Bars of I section are used, and these are made as long as possible, and are wound in helical form, the pitch of the helix being determined by the section employed and the pressure to be withstood. Dependence for structural strength to resist pressure is placed wholly on the metallic framework. The working stress is calculated at 9.8 tons per square inch, so that for a pipe of an inside diameter of 2 feet inches a bar .5 inch by .2 inch would have a pitch of 3.8 inches for a head of water of 33 feet. Cylindrical vessels are also made on this…

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