Issue 22 and Volume 1893 13.

SEWERAGE. NEW SEWERAGE SYSTEMS AND EXTENSIONS. Ishpeming, Mich., extensions, A, P. Lane. Newport, Ky., extensions, M. J. Costigan. Trenton, N. J., extensions, John C. Owens. Easthampton, Mass., extensions, G. L. Manchester. Rochester, N. Y., extensions, P. Sheridan. Madison, Wis., new system, Mayor Corscot. Troy, N. Y., extensions, J. J. McCormick. Port Huron, Mich,, system, City Engineer Rogers. Pittsburgh, Pa., extensions. City Engineer Brown. Nashville, Tenn., extensions, F. E. Kuhns. Jamaica. N. Y., extensions, G. Powell. Ocean City, N. J., system, E. B. Lake. Carbondale, Pa., extensions, R. D. Stuart. New Orleans, La., extensions, W. Shaumberg. Winchester, Mass., system, A. Ayer. Oneida, N. Y., extensions, C. E. Meacher. Bristol, Conn., system, T. H. Heirns. Binghamton. N. Y., extensions, M. T. Carvey. Baltimore, Md., extensions. F. C. Dietrich. Akron, O.. extensions, E. Wagoner. Chelsea, Mass., extensions, G. B. Gurney. Belmont, Mass., system, Frederick Dodge. Des Moines, la., extensions, A. N. Denman. Cincinnati,…

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