A New Door Opener.

Issue 22 and Volume 1893 13.

A New Door Opener. Walter Bouse, an engineer in the Seattle (Wash.) Fire Department, has patented a new door opener. The Bragg patent for opening the doors expired last February, and, although Bouse had received word from the patent office that his contrivance was not an infringement. Corporation Counsel Donworth thought best to wait until the law had settled the matter conclusively . By the Bragg machine the doors were opened after the first tap on the bell, but by House’s contrivance the doors are opened on the back stroke of the hammer and the horses are coming out of the stalls before the firemen or people in the city have heard the first sound of the bell. At first glance House’s door opener looks complicated, but on close examination the operation appears very simple. A long brass lever runs under the gong of the indicator on the main floor,…

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