Annual Water Reports.

Issue 24 and Volume 1893 13.

Annual Water Reports. City of Springfield, Ill., year 1893. Report of superintendent of water department The condition of the pumping plant is not satisfactory. A marked increase in the consumption of water ; a large percentage of it wasted. A system of inspection suggested in order to check waste of water. Reservoir in good condition. The work of construction of the new 24-inch water main from pumping station completed in September, and the pressure was improved to the extent of from 23 to 25 pounds. Total pressure is now equal to an elevation of sixty feet above street level, and can be increased in case of fire to forty-five pounds. The new 24-inch water main is 16,315 feet in length. Additions to system of distribution have been laid during the year amounting to 2731 feet sixinch pipe, making a grand total of thirty-eight miles, 4951 feet, including the force main…

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