The New Fire Line Badge.

Issue 24 and Volume 1893 13.

The New Fire Line Badge. The old round affairs which the New York Fire Department issued as badges to persons entitled to admiss.on into the fire lines are to be replaced by smaller badges of hanosome design by Tiffany. There are more than 1400 of the old badges out, but it is improbable that so many of the new ones will be issued, as Chief Bonner complains that the work of the department is hampered by the presence of so many men within the lines. Besides the number the name of the person to whom the badge is issued will appear on each badge, so that it cannot be transferred and will be easily recovered if lost or stolen. The design represents the windmill arms of the city’s coat of arms superimposed upon a rayed plaque, the ends of the forearms extending a trifle beyond the plate, and bearing the…

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