Eight Firemen in an Explosion.

Issue 25 and Volume 1893 13.

Eight Firemen in an Explosion. Eight firemen were burned about the arms and face by an explosion of naphtha Tuesday afternoon in the cellar of J. F. Doellner’s French dyeing and scouring establishment, at No. 387 Ninth avenue, this city. Oscar Doellner, the son of the proprietor, was also badly burned. The fire, which in itself did not amount to much, had been extinguished, and the firemen had entered the cellar to overhaul things. It was then that the explosion occurred. The men were knocked about in all directions, and those standing on the stairs or near the entrance to the cellar were blown into the street. The cellar, witnesses say, seemed to be filled with flames. Two ambulances from the New York Hospital removed the injured firemen. They were : Michael P. Crowley, engine No. 34, thirty-one years old. No. 18 Watt street ; burned about face and arms.…

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