Issue 25 and Volume 1893 13.

Electrolysis. We are indebted to Progressive Age for the accompanying illustration of what was once a two-inch wrought iron, coated service pipe. This piece was one of the section taken from a covering of three feet of earth in front of the power house of the trolley railway at Battle Creek, Mich. The system in use is known as the “Short electric,” using the rails for the return (?) current, and has been in operation about eighteen months. The “ trolley ” has brought many discomforts to the communities in which it has been introduced and is a constant source of anxiety to the gas and water-works companies, wherever this method of propulsion is employed. The return current is in the main responsible for the action on pipes, and it is the same whether the latter are galvanized, tar coated or of the so-called ** rustless make. The final outcome…

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