An Improved Ladder and Truck.

Issue 25 and Volume 1893 13.

An Improved Ladder and Truck. A ladder which can be quickly and conveniently handled and raised to a great height with safety, and which may be raised in either a slanting or a vertical position, is shown in the accompanying illustration, and has been patented by Moritz Roessler, Jr., of College Point, N. Y. The improvement is designed to serve the double purpose of a fire escape and a means of facilitating the extinguishment of fires, for it can be raised on a slant as it goes up, and so saves time in moving, and hose may be attached to the ladder and carried up thereby to the windows of a building, or to an elevated platform when the ladder is raised vertically. The main view represents the improvement in position of actual use, a second truck having the ladders partially elevated, while at the top of the picture is…

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