New York Water.

Issue 2 and Volume 1893 14.

New York Water. To the Editor : I do not know whether the Marquis de Stackpoole’s plan for the filtration of our Croton water is practical or not, but Mayor Gilroy is certainly not justified in saying that New York water needs no filter. It has been proved by science that an efficient filter not only keeps back all suspended bodies, but also those far more dangerous elements—the bacteria—about which we have been reading so much lately. The writer of this was startled about three weeks ago by the sudden appearance of a black mass emanating from the faucet into his bathing water, consisting of decomposed vegetable matter and of a patch of those dirty alg;v which can be seen floating on every stagnant pool around New York. A similar demonstration ad oculos of the purity of our Croton water has probably been experienced by every New Yorker. The possibility…

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