Issue 2 and Volume 1893 14.

MISCELLANEOUS. Plymouth, Mass., has ordered a double tank fifty gallon Holloway chemical fire engine. A new catalogue has just been issued by the American Fire Engine Company of Seneca Falls and Cincinnati. It is a handsome work and contains illustrations of their engines in parts and complete. Considerable space is devoted to the illustration and description of hose wagons and carriages and fire department appliances. We learn from this authority that the company has engines in service as follows : Chicago 67, St. Louis 41, New York 37, Cincinnati 32, Philadelphia 33, Boston 25, Cleveland 18, Louisville 17, New Orleans 17, Milwaukee 16, Minneapolis 11, Detroit 10, St. Paul 10, Buffalo 10 and Clevelend 10. It has also engines in service in several hundred smaller cities. The Gleason & Bailey Manufacturing Company of Seneca Falls, N. Y., is building a handsome steel frame four-wheel hose wagon for Navasota, Tex.

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