Issue 3 and Volume 1893 14.

THE FIRE DEPARTMENTS. A simple Wilson fire escape, weighing about two pounds, if carried on the belts of the men who were sent to the top of the cold storage fire trap in Chicago, would have saved their lives. Is it right, is it humane to send men beyond the reach of assistance without some means of helping themselves? Is it not time that the heads of departments looked into this matter? The fire losses for June last exceeded $16,300 000. Inspector Kendricks of the National Board of Fire Underwriters reports that the nre service at Grand Koiks, N. D., has not kept pace with the city’s growth. Seven firemen were seriously burned in Chicago July 8 by an explosion of natural gas and one of them died. They were fighting a small blaze in a coal cellar underneath the sidewalk when the explosion occurred. People who imagine they can…

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