Two Old Firemen Retired.

Issue 3 and Volume 1893 14.

Two Old Firemen Retired. By the recent order issued by Chief Swenie of Chicago, Marshal Nicholas Dubach of the Tenth battalion and Marshal Leo Meyers of the Eighth battalion were retired. These two men are veteran firemen who achieved their white hats by sheer force of merit. Nicholas Dubach leaves the department after twenty-eight years of continuous service. Dubach is an example of the stern, rugged fireman, who believed in attending to his work without frills or theatre play of any sort He was born in France, and came to this country while yet a boy. He joined the Chicago Fire Department in May, 1865. In 1871 he was promoted to a captaincy, and in 1889 secured the coveted white hat, being put in charge of the Tenth battalion, with headquarters at House 16, Dearborn and Thirty first streets. Marshal Dubach’s name was placed on the roll of honor for…

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