Chief Hendrick’s Valuable Gift.

Issue 3 and Volume 1893 14.

Chief Hendrick’s Valuable Gift. Ex-Chief A. C. Hendrick of New Haven has presented to the Historical Society of that city a valuable collection of relics which he collected during his long connection with the New Haven Fire Department, says The Westporter. There are ninety-three relics in the collection, and among the more important ones are the painting of the old Franklin engine and hose cart, a signal lantern and silver torch presented by No. 42 of New York to No. 3 of New Haven, a signal lantern presented by No. 2 of Bridgeport to No. 5 of New Haven, silver-plated name plate, “Washington No. 1,” taken from the first steam fire engine ever used in the State ; the name plate “H. H. Welch,” taken from steamer No. 2, and a name plate also of “ Hiram Camp“ taken from another steamer; the first piece of leather hose introduced in…

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