The Big Dam at Southboro.

Issue 4 and Volume 1893 14.

The Big Dam at Southboro. The bids for the monster dam to be built at Southboro, Mass., were opened in Boston on Monday. It will take several days to figure out the various estimates. The dam is known as No. 5 of the Boston water-works, and the plans call for a masonry dam. It will be 321 feet long across the deepest part of the valley. On either side, connecting with the hills, there will be an earth embankment, with a sustaining concrete core wall extending from the top down to the bed rock. The top line between the hills will be aboutT950 feet. The water will flow over the 321-foot masonry dam at a height of nearly seventy-five feet from Stony Brook surface. About twenty-one and a half feet of it will be occupied by a gate house, which will have a system for taking water at three levels,…

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