An Improved System Applicable to Artesian Wells.

Issue 4 and Volume 1893 14.

An Improved System Applicable to Artesian Wells. An improved system, of special application to artesian wells, and designed for obtaining with a low pressure of water as a driving medium a large amount of power, has lately been proposed. The machinery to be actuated by this means may be of any desired construction, but a double acting pump works well, the piston in the middle pump being on a piston or power rod carrying pistons in cylinders near its ends, these cylinders being open at their inner ends and connected at their outer ones with the valve chest of inlet chambers through which the motor agent enters. In these chests slide cylindrical valves, their rims opening and closing the inlet and the outlet ports alternately, and the valves have each a central hub and radial spokes to form a discharge opening for the cylinders at the time the valves are…

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