A Handsome Engine House.

Issue 4 and Volume 1893 14.

A Handsome Engine House. What promises to be one of the finest fire houses in the State is soon to be erected in Nashua, N. H. This, however, does not comprise all its attractions, as happens to be the case in many buildings, for in the preparation of the plans convenience and utility have been largely taken into account. Everything to the minutest details has been considered in these respects, and the lot being large and in such an excellent location that all this can be accomplished. The ground floor will contain the machine room and Steamer 1, hose and hook and ladder machines. It will be 41×50 feet, with the stalls in the rear. Back of the stalls with their open doors to the machine room will be the stables, 24 x 50, and in the rear the barn, 24×34 feet. The hose tower will be twelve feet square…

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