Issue 4 and Volume 1893 14.

WATER SUPPLY ITEMS. NEW WATER-WORKS SYSTEMS AND IMPROVEMENTS. Forsyth, Ga., extensions, G. W. Eldredge. Rayne, La., system, town clerk. Elmwood Place, O., system, P. W, Duer. Omaha, Neb., extensions, A. B. Hunt. St. Paul, Minn., extensions, J. B. Overton. Phœnix, Ariz., system, T, W. Hine. New Haven, Conn., extensions, S. E. Grannis. Youngstown, O., system, W. S. Hamilton. Walpole, Mass., system, town clerk. Waterbury, Conn., extensions, town clerk. Lowell, Mass., extensions, M. F. Wright. Providence, R. I., extensions, R E. Smith. Quincy. Ill., extensions, W. B. Bull. Haverhill, Mass., extensions, H. W. Rogers. Lock Haven, Pa., system, J. F. Griffen. Wilmington, Del., extensions, J. A. Bond. Grand Rapids, Mich., extensions, F. A. Tuamley. Middletown, N. Y., extensions, I. F. Van Durer. Salem, Mass., extensions. H. W. Rogers. Auburn, N. Y., system, N. B. Eldred. Hartford, Conn., extensions, Ezra Clark. Waltham, Mass., extensions, G. E. Winslow. Superior, Wis., extensions, John Mather.…

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