The Kennedy Hydrant.

Issue 5 and Volume 1893 14.

The Kennedy Hydrant. The accompanying views of the Kennedy fire hydrant give a fair idea of its design, the sectional showing its component parts, which are simple, and can be easily repaired. The advantages claimed for this hydrant are that its guide, stuffing box and cap are so arranged that in case of obstruction in the valve, or for necessary repairs to main or piston drip valve, they can be removed out of the top of the hydrant, leaving the stand-pipe in the ground, and can be replaced in a few moments, saving all necessity of digging up the stand-pipe. It has a positive drip, consisting of a very deep piston valve, the upper part of which has grooves to allow the water in the stand-pipe after main valve is closed to flow through. There is no possibility of its getting clogged, which is very often the case in other…

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