Auburn (N Y.) Fire Department.

Issue 5 and Volume 1893 14.

Auburn (N Y.) Fire Department. A very complete record of the working of the Auburn Fire Department for the year 1892-3 is given in the carefully compiled report of the Board of Fire Commissioners and Chief Engineer Jewhurst. The commissioners say : “ It is a serious fact, although an unpleasant truth, to state that there are times when apparatus arrives at fires without a sufficient number of members to man it. This is not the rule, but the knowledge that it is ever so, in a city of the size of Auburn, when such great manufacturing and mercantile interests are involved, is sufficient to condemn it. A sufficient number of permanent and call men, who can always be relied upon, should be employed to make it certain that no piece of fire apparatus sha ever arrive at a fire without a proper number of men to operate it. For…

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